Monday, January 09, 2012

Goddess Of The Internet

Goddess Of The Internet
© 2012  Eddie Rhoades

She came out of nowhere, This girl I met on the internet,
or rather, she came drifting in out of the darkness of cyberspace,
ever so slowly at first, then like a rock rolling downhill she gained momentum,
soon as unstoppable as a lightning bolt.
The charm, the grace, the intelligence, the look, all too much to resist.
I succumbed to it all, helpless and hopeless, drawn by a magnet of lust.
Oh, pull me into your Internet, consume me, for I am addicted to you.
Waves of emotion flow over us, for I am the white hot flame of passion pounding
against the surf of her secret longings.
Ours is a forbidden link,
the longing of two souls drifting in the darkness of desire,
woven in the web of fantasies unspeakable,
temptation is strong and it urges us on.
Even tho our computers were far apart -
she pushed my buttons.
Google me, google me google me more,
Sacrificial offerings to the goddess of the internet seem somehow inadequate.
O free me from this madness
And return me to my sanity
Or not