Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Power Point Slide Show

The webmaster used voodoo magic to put his mojo on the iMac and post my two slide shows. One is about the Garden Writers and the other is about Cullowhee. I have an article about Garden Writers at
and an article about Cullowhee which gives some background to the slide presentations. The link for the PP slides are accessible from the BittersweetGardens.Com home page or at this link Feedback is hard to come by but Beth Woodward wrote the following poem about the Cullowhee (Native Plant) slide show.

I see Paula
I see me
And Walter Cook
At Cullowhee

I see gourds
and more than
One tree

Bug eyed
At Cullowhee.

I see green things
I see THE
Place I'd really
Like to be.