Friday, February 06, 2004

I Told You I Was Sick

Once when I was layed off from my job at Lockheed for a year I worked at my Dad's printing shop when my younger brother still lived at home. I stopped by a Feed & Seed store on the way home and bought two grocery bags full of annual rye grass seed. Dad and I put sweet gum balls and pine cones on the front lawn to spell out in huge letters my brothers name "BOB" and sprinkled the seeds over this. Then we picked up the pine cones and stuff and watered the grass which was brown from the winter cold. Within a week you could see tiny bright green blades coming up. By the second week the name "BOB" was so prominent on the lawn that cars were slowing down to take a look. Dad had a big grin on his face at that practical joke we pulled. Today my brother jokes that he might take some rye grass seed over to the cemetery and spell "BILL" on dads gravesite.