Friday, January 09, 2004


I am visitor number 23,000 to my own site so I guess I owe myself a prize. I think I will take myself out to dinner. I may take my guitar with me. There used to be an old country song that went "when my pickup truck's loaded down with chicken manure she rides just like a Cadillac." That's a moot point now that Cadillac makes pickup trucks. I saw one on the road just today and thought "now there goes someone with more money than sense." A truck is not for show it's for using to do things where it more than likely will get scratched and dented. The topic says Ramble so here I go - I had three articles in the last issue of the Cobb County Master Gardener newsletter and when I showed up for the next meeting I have never had so many people smile and speak to me. One submission was a quiz about trees. One gentleman told me he only solved three of them, then he found the answers on the back page and got them all. Short notice but I will be speaking at the Atlanta Flower Show - Oops, excuse me, that's the Southeastern Flower Show. And the name change for the airport is Hartsfield/Jackson Airport. We frankly don't give a .... what they name it, we will always call it the Atlanta airport. I will be playing (assisting another guitarist) at the Borders Bookstore on the East/West Connector January 30 at 8 PM. That is the last Friday of this month. And I will now close with the title of a famous country song "I'm so miserable without you it's like having you here."